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Trendmicro is an antivirus software that provides your system and complete network the full proof security against the malware and viruses. It is a leading name in the antivirus products and utilities. Trendmicro not only diagnoses the threats of worms, Trojans, malware or viruses but also keeps the system safe and secure from any destructive software. Trendmicro customer service includes Trendmicro Tech Support about the tools and utilities and Trendmicro Antivirus Support. Trendmicro Customer support is available round the clock to extend their services. You can call Trend Micro Support number 24X7 for any assistance and online help.

Trendmicro Customer Service - One Call Away

Trendmicro is a Symantec product which is a collective team of expert engineers indulged continually in upgrading the anti-virus and anti-malware software as per the changing needs at revolutionary pace these days. We provide technical support remotely for the products of third party and work independently which are not associated with any antivirus companies though are quite efficient to work on any specified issues.

We provide the ultimate solutions for each specific issue pertaining to the viruses and support for most popular products include Trendmicro 360, Internet Security, PC Cleanup and Trendmicro Antivirus. Each product has its own unique features and has been engineered to fulfil a specific set of issues.

We provide round the clock assistance to resolve the issues such as:

  • Updating the Virus definitions and latest features
  • Automating regular tasks for virus protection
  • Registering your Trendmicro Antivirus software
  • Installing or Uninstalling the Trendmicro Software
  • Trendmicro Software configuration
  • Fixing device security issues and Operating system issues
  • Activating the Trendmicro products and managing the Trendmicro setup
  • Trendmicro 360 Help & Support
  • Trend Micro Support for firewall blocking

Just reach out to us on Trendmicro Customer Service or call us on Trend Micro Support Number.

Trendmicro Antivirus Support for Following Issues

Although Trendmicro offers high quality products to secure your system against internet threats, malware and viruses, yet there may be certain issues encountered by you while using these products as listed here:

  • Installation:

    The trial version of Trendmicro products are functional only for 30 days. To install a recent version of Trendmicro, you need to uninstall the older version and then download the newer version so as to get it fully functional. You can look forward to the Trendmicro Tech Support to get the assistant so as to resolve any such issues.
  • Updation:

    Once the product is installed, it must be updated to incorporate the latest features and tools by upgrading the Trendmicro products. The first updation of the software may take too long and internet usage to complete. In case of any problem, feel free to contact the Trendmicro Tech Support.
  • User Interface:

    The recent Trendmicro version is equipped with new buttons without any tooltips that may lead to confusion to the first time users. You can seek the help by contacting the Trendmicro Customer Support.
  • Hampering the Internet Speed:

    Trendmicro blocks certain suspicious websites and JavaScript seeming to be some virus threats. Though this issue can be resolved by changing the setting in the Trendmicro Antivirus, you can contact the third party Trendmicro Antivirus Support for this.
  • Patch required for earlier versions:

    To overcome the loopholes in the earlier Trendmicro versions pertaining to the security involving the Firewall, a patch has been launched that can be downloaded through a live update. It is recommended to check the existing version before you download and install the corresponding and appropriate patches.

Our expert team provide 24X7 supports to get your queries resolved. All you need to call Trendmicro Customer Service phone number.

Privacy Policy

We are a most prominent brand when it comes to Trend Micro Support. Customer privacy is our main concern. When your share your personal information's with us via phone or through our website, we play very transparent. We never share our client information with any one even all the information is stored in encrypted form in our database.

This company has the right to change policy with time, and by just updating the page. The clients are asked to check out the page, time and again, in case any changes have taken place. This policy is likely to be effective as soon as possible.

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